Nuvole is looking for a Senior Drupal Developer for a full-time position based in Brussels, Belgium. You will be dealing with both point-and-click Drupal setup and down-to-code hardcore development. You must feel comfortable in working in a geographically distributed environment and be ready to give your contribution in empowering the Nuvole team. We expect attention to details, devotion to clean and elegant software development, care for what we do.


  • Develop custom features to suit project specific use-cases
  • Develop custom Drupal modules
  • Build custom third-party modules plugins, mostly for Views, Context, Search API
  • Develop basic jQuery plugins, mostly to enhance user experience
  • Maintain in-house custom features


  • Excellent Drupal development skills
  • Excellent knowledge of Drupal 6 and 7 core API
  • Good knowledge of Code Driven Development workflow and its tools and techniques
  • Good JavaScript understanding and programming skills
  • Ability to work in English

Preferred Qualifications

  • Unix-based setup (Mac OSX, Linux)
  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks (Spine.js, Backbone.js, etc...)
  • Familiarity with Open Atrium and the Open Atrium architecture
  • Drupal theming and front end development

Company Overview

Nuvole is based in Italy and Belgium and it works with large international NGOs, mostly based in Brussels and surroundings, and companies in Europe and in the US. We often take part in EU-funded projects in the field of Higher Education, Student Mobility and Youth Rights. We offer close support to organizations in developing and running their strategic projects and campaigns, which translates into a multi-cultural working environment, long distance travels, taking part in events and promotion. Participation in local and international Drupal events (like both American and European DrupalCon) is also part of our activities.


The position is based in the Brussels Nuvole office, located in ICAB, a business center in Brussels close to the Flemish university: a place with a vibrant international student community, equipped with a gym, a swimming pool and student pubs where to have a nice relaxing beer after work. A few days per month you might be working at our clients' premises, especially in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

How to apply

We are looking for an experienced Drupal developer who is up for some heavy lifting, hence we need to know what you are really capable of. Besides your CV we would like to see a portfolio: projects you were involved in, Drupal modules you (co-)maintain, etc... also, please, take the time to write a few lines about what you would expect in coming to work for Nuvole.

Selection Process

A first selection will be based on your CV, presentation letter and experience: please send us at all relevant information. We will then shortlist participants for a brief online interview to get to know each other better. During the interview we will ask how you would technically solve some of Nuvole's most interesting challenges. The selected candidate is expected to start working within a few weeks after acceptance.


For any question about the selection process, please write to

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