The specific objective of this work is to re-develop a web site on the Drupal platform.  The web site is used by approximately 500 registered users, most of them customs officers of the 28 EU member states. The web site currently provides 13 distinct services and is required and intensively used in the context of institutional projects and competitive projects.
The current web site was designed and developed starting at the end of 2010 using the Joomla 1.5 platform which was considered at that time a stable and mature platform. However, in September 2012, support for this platform was officially stopped. It was decided to re-develop the entire web site using Drupal platform. During the redevelopment a number of planned improvements are also expected to be implemented.
The development work is estimated to require 6 months.

The consultant will be expected to contribute to all the tasks listed below: 
• Design documentation for the new web site
• Development of the new web site on the Drupal platform. The new web site will re-use existing components (written in PHP and Java) of the existing site whenever possible. The web site will include all of the active services in the current site plus it will implement a number of improvements and additional services. Note that most of the services depend on a tight collaboration with the external database and implemented user interfaces, some use REST web services and others are dealing with simple document management. Finally, integration with Business Objects reports is also required.
• Testing of the new web site developed

Engineering International Belgium
Francesco Bonino
Varese (Lombardia)
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